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About Us

At Camphill,
We Build Bridges every day.

We are teammates.
We are partners.

We believe that the world would have never been explored or understood hadn’t we found ways to overcome the barriers that lie between our side and the other side of river; between our perspective and perspectives of others seeing the world; between what is familiar to us and what is unknown.

We are Friends of Camphill India:

Camphill India is a life-sharing community dedicated to quietly uplift the dignity of friends who are special and face developmental challenges. We live together with them, building connections between the two domains of the world, because that is what an act of friendship is: to reach out into the mystery of another person and build a stronger bond with them.

We are a community that practices living together, relying on each other, building a society where everyone and every mind has a say and a safer place to live in. This is the link we build at Camphill every day – A bridge built on ears that actually listen and shoulders that genuinely support. A channel built for different cadences, in different ways to let our special friends experience the aesthetics of the world.