Our Homes

Bangalore Residence

Our first residence lies south of Bengaluru in the village Bannerghatta.
Coming from the noise of the big Bannerghatta road you enter a basin amidst trees, bushes and flowers. The noise slowly fades and you will here the song of birds and the chatter and laughter of our community members. Sure, once in a while you will also hear more angry voices.

The area holds three houses. The two living houses Antaranga and Panchanga give room for 24 Special Friends in total, each housing a Ladies and a Mens side of six People. They also house our Co-Workers. Antaranga holds the bakery while Santvana holds the kitchen and our community library Jagruti.
Panchanga is the name of our workshop building and communing space. In its four arms our workshops are located and it’s pentagonal center is used every morning for our prayer and for many other community meetings and celebrations.

In the garden we grow our own produce, which is used in our kitchen.

Mysore Farm and Residence

For a long time we have dreamt of spreading our community. Now this dream becomes more and more real, as we manage to get governmental permission to use a plot of land in Mysore and the first building, a guest house, is entering the finishing stages.

For now groups of our Bengaluru residents will stay in that house temporarily to help with the work on the attached farm.

Eventually we want to grow Mysore in a full-fledged community however, also hoping that it will help our community in Bengaluru to self-sustain.

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