Welcome to Friends of Camphill India
Camphill India

A Sincere Thank You

We had the ideas, the initiative, and also the patience and perseverance to build a Residential Community.

We could never have done this on our own.

We are deeply grateful to many people:

*The friends in Camphill Copake - they inspired us and supported us through all these years.
*The Arya Jnana Seva Ashram – they leased the land to us.
*The architect, the contractor and their staff – they designed and constructed our beautiful buildings.
*The many well-wishers who gave us financial support - locally, in the US, Germany, England, Switzerland and most of all in Holland.
*Our neighbours – they share the land with us and never complain.
*The parents - they entrust their children to us.
*The co-workers and volunteers - they work untiringly through the year.
*The Trustees - their support is invaluable.
*And our residents – they made it all possible.

A very special Thank You to Mr. Sumesh Wadhera, Managing Director, Triple Ess Advertising Pvt. Ltd., and his staff for very generously designing this website for us.