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It is a power cut but D. is determined to finish her jigsaw by the candlelight. She promises to persist even if it goes dark. She bends over the pieces with her eyes close to them, and her fingers carefully feel out their edges. She finds each piece’s corresponding piece – like the most thoughtfully arranged act of friendship – and pairs them off slowly. She pairs off these pieces again until she is closer to making the whole picture, we’re all waiting for. A picture, coincidentally, of one friend holding the hand of another.

D works hard to see something more in the pile of pieces that we cannot make sense of individually. She makes the explicit effort of building a bridge of what is before her, and the picture in her mind. A bridge between the seen and the unseen.

A young volunteer who was aware that D would refuse to go to bed before finishing the jigsaw decided to join hands, rope in two others, and finish the jigsaw in time before the evening prayer. D was delighted. A confrontation was very simply and thoughtfully avoided, and D went to bed happily.