Welcome to Friends of Camphill India
Camphill India
Panchanga, the workshop building, which is designed in the shape of a pentagon with a high dome, stands between the houses. It has five wings where the different craft sections are housed. Here our residents are taught to weave, to make candles, to do pottery or help with papermaking under the guidance of co-workers and volunteers.
Using their hands to create something of value does not always come easily to our residents and often takes months of patient perseverance. But sooner or later each one finds the work that suits him or her. Whether it is tearing up paper into tiny scraps, whether it is rolling minute clay beads, learning to embroider or experimenting with simple weaving, there is progress and the results are encouraging.

Work is a basic need and longing that is inherent in every human being. This is true even if the individual has a limited capacity. All our residents are encouraged to spend time in the workshops, whether they are actively participating in work or just sitting quietly, enjoying the general work atmosphere.

We have a small bakery where wholesome bread is baked for evening meals and delicious cakes and biscuits for special occasions and for sale during bazaars.
Our garden provides another healthy activity. We grow a number of vegetables which have to be nurtured and watered and we make our own compost which is in great demand even outside the community. We have our own fruit trees and there is an abundance of flowering plants to make the gardens still more colourful.

Yoga classes are enjoyed by all and there is of course also the daily housework with cleaning, folding the laundry or helping with the preparations for the meals.
One could easily say that there is never a dull moment in these houses and all hands are kept busy throughout the waking hours.